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The god Sah personified the constellation of Orion - the most distinctive of all the constellations in the night sky. While not part of the 'imperishable' circumpolar stars, the constellation became important in Egyptian mythology especially as it rose directly before the adjacent star Sirius (the Egyptian Sothis) - the brightest fixed star which was utilized in the calculation of the Egyptian calendar. The constellation god was thus connected with the start Sothis from an early date and the two came to be viewed as manifestations of Osiris and Isis respectively.

Sah is mentioned quite frequently in the Pyramid Texts where he is called 'father of the gods' (PT 408), and the deceased king is said to enter the sky 'In the name of the Dweller in Orion, with a season in the sky and a season on earth' (PT 186). The association of Sah with Sothis is also clear in these early texts where the king is told, 'You shall reach the sky as Orion, your soul shall be as effective as Sothis' (PT 723). In the funerary texts ofthe New Kingdom Orion is said to row towards the stars in a boat and Sah is sometimes depicted in this manner in representations found in temples and tombs - as a god surrounded by stars who sail across the sky in a papyrus skiff.

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